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Saturday, 9 July 2011

My Bangkok Trip!

Me, YB's mom and YB's brother Aidy went for a 6 days holiday to Bangkok early June.
We love Bangkok! Shopping, shopping, shopping! :D

Kali ni went to Bangkok, kitorang ada mission! To find a few things for the wedding. weeeeeeee!

The walk...

My Gambol shoe :-)

The hotel (affordable and nice!)

The best halal place to eat in Bangkok! Nyummmmmm!!!!

Bangkok's own Starbuxx ~~~ introducing >>>DoiTung

My goodie pouch ~~ very good quality with cheaper price, fuh!

Haaaa... yang ini ~~~ surprise! Shantekk kan? kan? 

 Going home.... huhuhu... 

If you guys wanna find things for your wedding especially goodies, Bangkok is the place. Go to chatuchak (the weekend market)! You nak cari lantern? Notebook kecik? Kotak cantik? Tin gula-gula? Almost everything you can find it there with a very affordable price and bargaining is never a problem. hehe!

Luv Luv!


Massuhila said...

yeah Bangkok!!! here I come!!! wait for me......

Mr.Ayu.Mrs.Rudy said...

Bila mau pegi? hehehheheh!

Anonymous said...

Wow..I look soo good in that picture.. -Aidy-

Anonymous said...

I love Bangkok..PERIOD~!!! =p -Aidy-

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