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Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Owh... Lamanye tak hapdate! huhuhu..

Year end is coming around and my blog is still stuck at nikah... hmmm... will update masa cuti new year aite!

Me & Hubby wish everyone,

A prosperous new year ahead! Semoga dilimpahkan lagi rezeki by The Greatest Allah Subhanahuata'alla.. 
Mode: Making buns in the oven... hehehehe...  

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Making The Wedding : Don't you....?

Don't you just love................


 ~ I really love the idea of hanging lanterns with bulbs for a wedding 
(so like mat salleh! hehehehe).. 
But then again, due to insufficient time, this was the best that i could arranged for.... 
but still.....
 loving it!

Making The Wedding : Hand Bouquet

My initial idea for my hand bouquet was to have a vintage brooches covering all over the sponge ball. I did two of them... but somehow didn't have enough time to finish them. When Ari said that he'll be giving me fresh red roses bouquet for my solemnization night, i showed him my brooch bouquets. Adding the two ideas together, resulted to a dazzling handsome pretty hand bouquet I've ever seen..... :)


Making The Wedding : Nikah Doorgifts

Getting my hands totally free of preparing my wedding makes me feel very dull... 
Jadi, to make it more personalised and mine, 
these nikah doorgifts were done with the loving help of family and friends..

My fav were the ones with the greeney grassy thingy and pinky flutterby.. hehehehe.. 
sangat sesuai for garden wedding kan?

Love it!!

Making The Wedding : Hantaran

I'm back! At last, the full cycle of the ceremony ended on the 20th November 2011...
Banyak yang nak dishare (though i tak tau pun if ada org yang baca blog ni or not.. hahahah)!
Anyways, catching up from my last few entries, still revolving around the bride's ceremony..

The best thing I loved about my wedding in Melaka was that it was filled with fresh flowers including my hantaran. Me, my family and my guests were in awe all the time... hehehehe... serious!! hahah! Thanks to AriWeddingCouture! The price comes with the best service. Tabik!

Okey.. Enough babbling, please do enjoy the views..... 

Muah! (eh? tak pasal2... hahahah!)

Dari Pengantin Perempuan

Dari Pengantin Lelaki


p/s: Photos credit to G.I. Photoshoot

Thursday, 24 November 2011

OMG! heheheee

Yup! Ages!!!
Lama gila tak update.
Will find time to update all the moments :)

Baru selesai majlis bertandang 20th November yg lepas.


Cun kan?

Outfit? All white & silver. Love!

Will upload pics and comments on vendors soon.

And i just got my album for September's reception. 
Sgt gojes!!

Peace yaw!!

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Making The Wedding : Pelamin Nikah

Pelamin Nikah / Solemnization Dais :

Photos credit to AriWeddingCouture & Mohd Zaiham+Wan Lidiana

Making The Wedding ~~ Baju Nikah, Make Up & others..

Baju Nikah Perempuan & Veil :

Mekap :
AriWedding Couture

Tudung & Kasut Perempuan :
Personal Collection

Baju Nikah & Sampin Lelaki :
Personal Collection

Hand Bouquet:
AriWedding Couture
(Brooches sumbangan dari kawan-kawan)

 View untuk sulam and jahitan di tangan.

Pictures credit to Roslan Abdul Ghani

Making The Wedding ~~ Henna

Henna Design by : 

Making The Wedding Part 2 : The magicians...

My Nikah....

Dress & Veil : Butik Lagenda Maju Junction (Designer ~~ Oscar Jeprey)

Shoes : Own collection

Makeup : AriWeddingCouture

Henna/Inai : Miss Siti Nazreen of HennaPassion

Pelamin/Dais : AriWeddingCouture

Hantaran Perempuan ke Lelaki : AriWeddingCouture

Hantaran Lelaki ke Perempuan : AriWeddingCouture

Photographers : 1) Idzwan Junaidi of G.i Photoshoot
                         2) Roslan Abdul Ghani of AsiaPhotographerClub

Canopies : SBL Canopy & Services

Catering : SBL Canopy & Services

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Making the wedding part 1 : My Cheerios!

Head Cheerleader:
Mr Hubster Rudy Dzahir

Cheerleaders & Fanatics
Papa & Mama (Love&Oxygen!)
Papa & Mami (Love&Oxygen2!)
KakDora+Daniel (SuperRunners!)
Kakya+Abg Am+Danisha+Ara+Baby Ryan (Superfamily!)
Beba Adnaezsis (Superhuman!!)
Sabrina Khoo & Ika (full-charged-battery)
Anies & Nazura (Ad-hoc camladies)
Nadya Jaafar (My MC Hammer yg cun!) and Sham (The man!)
Nazrin Aziz (kipas lipas..hhehehehee)
Alyssa Tan (Telur Girl yg tertinggal dari barisan... huuuuu...)
Dino D (Flashman)
Aidy D (Cheerleader nun jauh di sana...)
Hidy D + Ina + Balqis + Baby dlm pewot..heeee...

All Families and Friends... 
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.... ;)

** photos credit to G.i Photoshoot & Roslan Abdul Ghani

Meant To Be, Just You and Me...

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