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Friday, 29 July 2011

favouritism.... ehhehehehe

Saya sangat suke...!!!

And also this! huuuuuuuuuu! Nak! Nak!

Korang suke jugak tak? *wink*

Wednesday, 27 July 2011


OMG! Doakan kejayaan saya di majlis resepsi nanti... huhuhuuhu...

Bolehkan kasut reception saya lebih kurang begini?

huuuu.... macam nak nangessss....

Hari ini.....

Hari rabu!

Hari ni, dapat settle 2 things. The first one nak rahsia dulu nnt tak surprise! hehehe. 

Second, tadi went to see encik wedding planner. 
Encik wedding planner drew the design of my reception dress..
 (menariks idea dia, i hope it will turn out lebih menarik from his sketches. Amin!) 
He showed me my kain3 yg berlapis2 ~~ lining, shiffon and net. 
Kain YB pun dia tunjuk sekali tadi. 

Then amik ukuran badan... huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu...
nak nanges... bila nak kuruih ni....   

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

That feeling.....

As much as I hate being far away from him, I treasured this specific feeling whenever he's away...
I miss you la encek YB... huhuhuhuhuhu....

P/S: Fine, fine..... memang poyo bunyi nye kan...? haih........ 

Monday, 25 July 2011

The call..

Got a call that my kain dah ready. huhuhuu... have to go and ukur badan.. sigh...

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Bila ternampak yang ini.....

mula lah rasa gedik...

tak la gedik....

 rasa macam tak percaya je.... :)

.... insya'allah.... semoga semuanya dipermudahkan...

luv! luv!

Another pre-wed shoot ~~ Me likey!

I am ageing... no.......!
Forgotten to update that me & YB went to PD for another round of pre-wed photoshoot 'sponsored' (echewahh!) and a team effort by my lovely sister & brother in law... hhehehhehe... like i said in my FB wall, it ain't easy to be a model yaw....!

Sneak preview!

The big portion...

Apa yg berlaku the whole last week..?

Alrighty... after a few cancelled meetings, I finally meet up with my half wedding planner.. hehehe. why half? sbb dia tak la handle semua... but dia will be taking care a big portion of both solemnization & reception event. I took a package dengan encik wedding planner ni... The package covers:

- Pelamin Nikah (rumah)
- Pelamin Resepsi Sanding (dewan) + 8 aisle pillar, main arch, deco main table, centre piece for VIP table (adakah? hahaaha)
- Baju Sanding (L+P)
- Hantaran Pihak Perempuan
- Hantaran Pihak Lelaki
- Mekap (nikah & sanding)
- Photography coverage for both events (photobook, frames, unlimited photo DVD)

** and dapat free ~~~ Bantal nikah, 2 hand bouquet (but I'm gonna use my vintage brooch hand bouquet hehehe...), complete accessories, make up for my dayang2s, free outdoor photoshoot during reception, free white studio shoot for prewed/postwed)

DAH... Itu je... hehehehehee... However, concept pelamin and event masih belum decide... waktu meet up hari tu just discuss on baju reception ~ what colour, what material (adalah kena perli sikit sbb I ni kan berbody-body-body bak kata wedding planner).. huhuhuhu...cedey... :(
Dia akan cari material, once jumpa material akan amik ukuran. hmmm...

Agak2, dapat tak pelamin cun macam ni???

zaaasssssss...... ;)

Kanopi for nikah pun dah call the vendor... dia suruh email, but dia tak baca... hmmm... biasa lah... nama semakin naik kat melaka... confirm busy. but bila diingatkan, dia bukakla email dia. Quotation dah dpt. Tinggal nak bayar deposit je bila balik melaka nnt. huuuuuu...

Hmmm.. ape lagi...? Oh yes... Encik YB pun pi buat measurement badan semalam kat Cheras for baju reception. Alhamdulillah... banyak jugak dapat settle in a week.

I also went to see my photographer G.i.Photoshoot. Jumpalah dengan En.Idzwan (very friendly). Exchanged info on the solemnization and reception in order for him to plan his shoots.. Alhamdulillah... Selesai lagi satu perkara... 

Minggu depan?? Start isi borang2 yg banyak pulak! huuuuuuuuu.. fenin..

Luv! Luv!

p/s: sorry la kali ni takde gambar... YB ada took some snapshots tp tak pulak dia bluetut kat I! hmmm..

2 months????

Alamak! huhuhuhuhuh...

Lots to update! ;)

Saturday, 16 July 2011

oh yeah... :)


Tomorrow ~~ gonna have another round of photo shoot with darling YB. hmmmm...
Boleh tak nak satu gambar macam ni:

Ok... fine... i know... takyah nak ngada2 kan...? 
But i want... huhuhu...

Luv Luv!

Finally! I think I have an idea on....

My theme! Weeeeeeeeee!
The themes will be........
tunggu je la nnt... hehehe. 
Let me discuss with my wedding planner first, yey!

Luv Luv!

One more down! yey!

Went to Pesona Z Kay Wedding Card shop kat Metro Kajang. 
Managed to settle confirming the invitation card.. 
 tunggu final design and approve for printing je.

Luv Luv!

Friday, 15 July 2011

My Wedding Planner....

Meeting with my wedding planner kena postponed to next week... sebab....... jeng je jeng!!

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Theme??? haihh...

The wedding is only 2 months away and I still don't have a theme.... Yikes!!
I have to think of two themes. One for nikah and another for reception. 
I need to make sure that the the colour tone completes everything ie looks good in picture, compliment our outfits on that day... hiarrgghhh.... confusion, confusion...

Jom cuci mata sat.

Theme : Emerald Green

Theme : Morroccan

Theme : Arabian Night

Theme : Green & Blue

 Theme : Blush Light Pink

Theme : Puple Pop

Theme : Tiffany Blue

Aihh... Rambang mata... Yelpp!


Luv Luv!

Nilai 3 oh Nilai 3...

Yesterday we went to Nilai 3 for more shopping & hunting.
Conclusion ~~ damn tired but managed to get things with good bargain! weeeeeeeee!

I bought...

1. Grey ribbon (picture source: google)

2. Manik2 crystals (picture source: google)

3. Bekas telur besi (picture source:google)

4. Pahar Silver - lebih kurang mcm ni tapi lagi cun laa.. hehehe (picture source:google

5. Pahar besi gantung ~~ buy one free one! (source: google)

Alhamdulillah.... Settle a few things yesterday.. 
Thank you YB!

Luv Luv!

Sunday, 10 July 2011

A day with YB @ PICC..

 July 9, 2011...
Pagi tadi ada job mekap untuk my ex-colleague from HDPM. Pagi2 lagi YB dah datang to bring me to Botanic Garden Putrajaya (maceh dear!).. Kakya informed that ada pameran pengantin at PICC. Haaaa... elok lah tu... Me & YB were supposed to go to Jalan Pudu nak settle kan kad jemputan. But since all routes to KL dah kena blocked, we decided to take a look at PICC. Cute kan YB saya? Rajin betul dia layan request I... hehehe!

Pameran Pengantin at PICC kali ni tema nye "Mirror, Mirror On The Wall"... Ala-ala Snow White la gitue...

Just like the usual wedding fairs, you can find almost anything that you need for your wedding, there.. Cuma ada ongkos atau ngga ada ongkos je la yek.. huhuhuhu... 

Alhamdulillah, we managed to settle a few things for our wedding. Paling kelakar sekali, when we said that the  solemnization date will be in September this year, the vendors semua tercengang and said "Rileknye korang ni! Nak kahwin ke tak???" ahahahahahhahahaa... Rileks......?? Rileks la sangat... haih...

Borang kad jemputan... Need to fill this up and confirm for printing. Hehe! Suke!

And, a few snapshots from the wedding fair...

So, siapa-siapa yang soon-to-be tu, rajin2 la pergi wedding fair ok? Normally the vendors will give a discounted package during wedding fair. Berbaloi2!!

P/S: Thank you YB... huhuhuhuuu.

Luv Luv!

Saturday, 9 July 2011

My Bridal Spa..

Honestly..... I've never been to a spa before... yes... never... hahahaha... So while my darling YB was in Labuan, me and Nazrin planned a gegurl getaway la kononnye... so we went to this spa in Setiawangsa ~~Indasari Wellness Spa. Calming place, warm people. Nazrin took the normal package while I, the bridal package. All in all we were pampered for almost 5 hours.. huhuhu... best! My package includes:
- Sauna
- Body Scrub 
- Body Mask
- Orange + Milk bath
- Body Massage
- Manicure
- Pedicure

Hmmmm..... it felt great to pamper your body once in a while... Oh yes.. Lots of funny things happened at the spa... biasa laaa... first timer... but let me keep it a secret for now....hahahhahahahaha!

Indasari Wellness Spa

4-2-12, Prima Peninsula

Jalan Setiawangsa 11,
54200 Kuala Lumpur

My Baju Nikah :)

Just like in the movies.... You'll find the right dress when you know it is the right one for you. 

I am a very selective person when it comes to things that I want. Masa di Bangkok, mencari cincin kahwin pun habis satu MBK shopping centre tu kitorang pusing. hahahahaha! So same goes with baju nikah. Made numerous calls to designers. Pergi a few places. Blogwalking tak payah cerita la... Looking for tips from bride-to-be. huhu. It's not that I am being super-selective... One, nikah kot ~~ of course I wanna look good in my baju nikah. Two, I am a fiercely-real-figured woman ~~ I have good assets (hahahah!) so, it ain't easy to tailor to my body type.

Finally, after doing some research, I went to a boutique in Maju Junction, Butik Lagenda and met with this bubbly designer ~~ Oscar Jeprey (Wah! macam oscar de la renta!!) Oscar and Shah (his assistant designer) is very helpful and i don't feel awkward with them (tak macam kat butik2 lain.. terasa agak disisih because of my body type... huuuuu...) Anyway, again I was being very selective but Oscar maybe dah biasa ngan org macam i (hiah hiah hiah!!) 

But Oscar remained calm and helpful. After berpusing2 satu kedai entah berapa kali, at last i saw a kain, white with pearly silverish beads yg saaaaaaaaaaangat santek! Oscar sgt tak double standard ye.. he treated me the same macam b2b kurus yg lain though I ni montok. hehehe. After some discussion and sketchings, measuring, we planned to meet again  a few weeks before the wedding for fitting.. yippee! one down! Thanks Oscar and Shah!

I was so relieved. And I am so happy, that throughout the whole process of wedding-things-hunting ni, my darling YB will always be with me, teman la nak cari apa pun, nak beli apa pun, he stood by me patiently and smiling. :) Thank you Yang.. You are the BEST!

 haaa... ini lah Oscar Jeprey! hehehehee...

So, adakah my nikah dress will look like this...?


Hehehehehehe... Mana thrill kalau tunjuk.
Tak siap lagi pun... I'll show it when the dress dah siap ok?

Luv Luv!

My Bangkok Trip!

Me, YB's mom and YB's brother Aidy went for a 6 days holiday to Bangkok early June.
We love Bangkok! Shopping, shopping, shopping! :D

Kali ni went to Bangkok, kitorang ada mission! To find a few things for the wedding. weeeeeeee!

The walk...

My Gambol shoe :-)

The hotel (affordable and nice!)

The best halal place to eat in Bangkok! Nyummmmmm!!!!

Bangkok's own Starbuxx ~~~ introducing >>>DoiTung

My goodie pouch ~~ very good quality with cheaper price, fuh!

Haaaa... yang ini ~~~ surprise! Shantekk kan? kan? 

 Going home.... huhuhu... 

If you guys wanna find things for your wedding especially goodies, Bangkok is the place. Go to chatuchak (the weekend market)! You nak cari lantern? Notebook kecik? Kotak cantik? Tin gula-gula? Almost everything you can find it there with a very affordable price and bargaining is never a problem. hehe!

Luv Luv!

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