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Saturday, 9 July 2011

My Baju Nikah :)

Just like in the movies.... You'll find the right dress when you know it is the right one for you. 

I am a very selective person when it comes to things that I want. Masa di Bangkok, mencari cincin kahwin pun habis satu MBK shopping centre tu kitorang pusing. hahahahaha! So same goes with baju nikah. Made numerous calls to designers. Pergi a few places. Blogwalking tak payah cerita la... Looking for tips from bride-to-be. huhu. It's not that I am being super-selective... One, nikah kot ~~ of course I wanna look good in my baju nikah. Two, I am a fiercely-real-figured woman ~~ I have good assets (hahahah!) so, it ain't easy to tailor to my body type.

Finally, after doing some research, I went to a boutique in Maju Junction, Butik Lagenda and met with this bubbly designer ~~ Oscar Jeprey (Wah! macam oscar de la renta!!) Oscar and Shah (his assistant designer) is very helpful and i don't feel awkward with them (tak macam kat butik2 lain.. terasa agak disisih because of my body type... huuuuu...) Anyway, again I was being very selective but Oscar maybe dah biasa ngan org macam i (hiah hiah hiah!!) 

But Oscar remained calm and helpful. After berpusing2 satu kedai entah berapa kali, at last i saw a kain, white with pearly silverish beads yg saaaaaaaaaaangat santek! Oscar sgt tak double standard ye.. he treated me the same macam b2b kurus yg lain though I ni montok. hehehe. After some discussion and sketchings, measuring, we planned to meet again  a few weeks before the wedding for fitting.. yippee! one down! Thanks Oscar and Shah!

I was so relieved. And I am so happy, that throughout the whole process of wedding-things-hunting ni, my darling YB will always be with me, teman la nak cari apa pun, nak beli apa pun, he stood by me patiently and smiling. :) Thank you Yang.. You are the BEST!

 haaa... ini lah Oscar Jeprey! hehehehee...

So, adakah my nikah dress will look like this...?


Hehehehehehe... Mana thrill kalau tunjuk.
Tak siap lagi pun... I'll show it when the dress dah siap ok?

Luv Luv!


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