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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Making The Wedding : Hantaran

I'm back! At last, the full cycle of the ceremony ended on the 20th November 2011...
Banyak yang nak dishare (though i tak tau pun if ada org yang baca blog ni or not.. hahahah)!
Anyways, catching up from my last few entries, still revolving around the bride's ceremony..

The best thing I loved about my wedding in Melaka was that it was filled with fresh flowers including my hantaran. Me, my family and my guests were in awe all the time... hehehehe... serious!! hahah! Thanks to AriWeddingCouture! The price comes with the best service. Tabik!

Okey.. Enough babbling, please do enjoy the views..... 

Muah! (eh? tak pasal2... hahahah!)

Dari Pengantin Perempuan

Dari Pengantin Lelaki


p/s: Photos credit to G.I. Photoshoot


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