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Thursday, 4 August 2011

Last weekend...

Went back home with darling YB, Kak Dora & Daniel.
Papa's gonna settle getting all the necessary forms for me (love you Papa!).
we brought home items for the goodie bag:-

1) Kotak Telur
2) Organza Pouches
3) Wedding bubbles
4) Kotak cuppies

This weekend, need to send the CDs to be burnt.
Need to finish up my Bunga Telur for merenjis during reception.
Need to finish my brooches hand bouquets...
Need to start working on my bunga telur for pelamin nikah..
huhuhuu.... bnyk nye lagi tak siap..... :(

Need to reconfirm the quotation for the arabian canopies, tables, chairs and catering with En.Rosly (dah text dia tadi tp dia senyap pulak.... adehhh...)

I think I'm gonna get panic-attack ~~ yelp!


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