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Sunday, 26 June 2011

How we met.....?

Time : Maghrib..It was twelve years ago... or more...hahhaha...
Place : Food court UNITEN.
Scene : Me accompanying my uni-mate to went out for a date......with a couple of her boyfriend's friends...

Huda : Mama (oh yeah, my friends called me Mama during college time .. hehehee..), this Rudy.

There he stood with his stressed face, smoking, messy and unshaven.

Me : Hi! (preparing for a hand shake with a shy smile..)
Him : (Puffed out some smoke, nodded his head, no smile and looked away.. Tak sambut salam pun, okeyhh)
Me: Hish!! (dalam hati laaa...)

---- and the rest is history... tu la... org tua2 dah pesan... jgn benci2, nnt sayang...


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